5 Reasons Your Social Media is Straight Crickets and How to Fix it!

Has your social media been quiet? Perhaps you post content, but it doesn’t seem like people are either seeing it or care to respond - well it could be you need to adjust a few things to help you not only get your people talking but also build a strong connection with them. And that is why I am kicking off the very first episode of In the House with how to go from eerily crickets on your social and engaging with your audience.

Here is a sneak peek of the convo:

[05:28] The number one mistake most people make with their social media platforms.
[07:16] Why the content you are sharing or posting is not getting much action or attention.
[09:08 How to access a special toolkit to help you jumpstart your social easily.
[10:46] The one thing you must do every day with your social media to grow your community and platform.
[14:04] Creating sharable content is what you want to focus on and some ideas to getting started.
[18:45] If you want your audience to take action then you must give them a call to action.

Links Mentioned in Today's Episode:

Jumpstart Your Social Media Toolkit

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